I have learned to fight

Somehow being a fighter makes me proud

Then I strive to become a better fighter


Yeah! That seems right

Put my soul in the line over and over again

I have learned to fight

And somehow I found war within myself

Every poem could be better

Each decision could be righter

But I am a Warrior

And the songs inside my head

Turn into noise if I don’t bless them

And the poems are not clear

If not written in stone

Somehow being a Warrior makes me proud

And the beauty of a rainbow

Turns into clouds if I don’t touch it

I can do better than that

Reach enough to touch the sky

A little more

Don’t give up

You can touch the sky

Play around with its colors

Reach higher

Even if it hurts!

You can’t enjoy a victory

Of a war you didn’t win

Change the colors of that rainbow

And the tears turn into rain

And the rainbow’s gone

Night comes once again

There’s no rainbow colors in the night

I have failed

Couldn’t make a rainbow

I have learned to fight

Being a warrior made me proud


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